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Todays Date: June 22nd 2024
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HARTS Award Banner

Gary South is our February HARTS Award winner

Read article John Prydderch Apr 02, 2024
Construction Skills Shortage bricks

Addressing the Construction Skills Shortage

Read article HilaryTew Mar 31, 2024
Factory Pressure Test

A successful factory Pressure Test

Read article John Prydderch Mar 20, 2024
Transport Sector Overview

Read our new Transport Sector Overview

Read article John Prydderch Mar 17, 2024
Welding Apprentice Journey (Apprentice Diaries)

Welding Apprentice Journey (Apprentice Diaries)

Read article Oliver Muscat Mar 13, 2024
Great British Nuclear acquires nuclear sites

Great British Nuclear acquires new nuclear sites

Read article John Prydderch Mar 12, 2024