Digital Innovation

Exyte Hargreaves pioneers digital innovation, investment in new technologies and a commitment to BIM (Building Information Modelling) principles so that digital ways of working remain at the forefront of project work and internal systems.

Digitisation throughout the company is supporting improved quality control, safe working practices, sustainability and reduced carbon footprint, collaboration between site and office teams and a digitised approach to delivery on projects.

Common Data Environment

Crucial to the Exyte Hargreaves digital infrastructure is the interoperability of our software. Our Common Data Environment – Dalux – communicates seamlessly with other software applications (such as Revit, Trimble and Autodesk) to deliver efficiencies throughout our business.

Data is accessible by Engineering, Design, Manufacturing and Project teams to improve collaboration from concept to commissioning. Crucially, it is available for clients to monitor, find efficiencies and streamline the project at all stages.

BIM (and the creation of a BIM model) is central to our approach to project management, enhancing collaboration through common standards, formats of data, digital twins and much more.

Enhancing Project Visualisation

Creation of a BIM model at the project outset leads to a number of benefits as the project progresses, such as efficiency in manufacturing, clash avoidance during installation and the ability to visualise the project at all stages.

Engineering, design and manufacturing teams can take fabrication parts from the model into manufacture, digital designs allow for clash detection against other services and robotics support installation on site.

Software investment in tools such as Fuzor allows 4D simulations of assets and project details, supporting further data modernisation.

Delivery of asset and project data

Our sustainable approach to project delivery involves a commitment to paperless working and a reliance on continuous digital innovation.

Site inspections are carried out using 3600 helmet mounted cameras to visually inspect assets and demonstrate site progression in real time – also reducing the carbon impact of travel to site.

Our Dalux Common Data Environment speeds up project exchange and data handover. Our quality-assured approach to data management helps mitigate risk, aids communication and optimises project support in real time.

Our Team & Careers

Digital technology is changing constantly and especially in the construction sector. Digital Construction is a key deliverable for the industry and Exyte Hargreaves is proud of out digital maturity.

Create a lasting impact on the UK’s energy, defence and transport infrastructure by joining a team with an impressive track record in pioneering digitisation.

Careers with Exyte Hargreaves
  • 13 interoperable software tools
  • 3 BIM Maturity Levels
  • 1 Common Data Environment


Our Virtual BIM Cave

"We strive for Future Focus at Exyte Hargreaves using digital technologies to constantly innovate, drive for sustainability, maintain quality, ensure safety and deliver better projects."

Robert Davies

Digital Innovation Manager