Our Manufacturing facility in the heart of Greater Manchester is purpose-built and scalable for DfMA (Design for Manufacturing & Assembly), Off-site Manufacturing and Modularisation projects.

By pre-fabricating assets and systems we can reduce both time on site and installation times. Our DfMA capability ensures design, engineering, manufacturing and site teams are collaborating to maximise project efficiency.

Benefits of DfMA

Exyte Hargreaves simplifies programme management by assembling multiple items into modules. This is both more cost effective and contributes to improved productivity out on site.

All modular assemblies are manufactured in controlled factory conditions which allow careful management of quality, efficiency and overall project produtivity.

Our specialist assembly and welding teams work to approved procedures, with pre-tested modules reducing the need for further site testing and commissioning.

Reducing Waste and Emissions

DfMA means that Exyte Hargreaves can deliver projects more sustainably in order to reduce our carbon footprint and support the UK’s drive to net zero.

DfMA allows for reduced waste by improving the accuracy of our products, improving material control and handling in the factory and reducing damage / reworks.

We can also have a positive impact on emissions. Reduced on site labour means fewer journeys to site are required – lowering overall transport costs.

Built in Bury, Delivered on time

All ductwork systems made in our factory are packed and/or braced to prevent damage in transit and storage in accordance with BS 1133.

Open ends will be blanked off in a robust manner to prevent ingress of foreign matter during manufacture, transport, storage and installation (all to TR/19, PDI Level 2).

Exyte Hargreaves will provide safe and secure storage of manufactured items in line with contractual agreements. All requirements for site deliveries will be adhered to according to contract specifications.

"DfMA allows us to meet client project and delivery needs with greater flexibility about where and how systems are produced. Modularisation greatly and positively impacts installation, commissioning and the overall programme."

Steve Thomas

Head of Operations

Our Team & Careers

Manufacturing at Exyte Hargreaves is a fast-paced, multi-skilled environment with huge opportunities for development. The roles are ever-changing with the introduction of new technologies and techniques such as DfMA.

Exyte Hargreaves is recruiting skilled engineers and fabrication / welding apprentices right now. Come and join the team and work on some of the most exciting projects in the country.

Careers with Exyte Hargreaves
  • 8,000 sq ft manufacturing facility
  • 450 tonnes of steel processed annually
  • 100+ multi-skilled Manufacturing team


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