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Legal Notice


1. Content

We have taken the greatest care in presenting correct, complete and up-to-date information on our website. The website includes statements concerning the future, reflecting the view of Exyte Hargreaves management at the time in which the statements were given. Ensuing events can diverge greatly from these statements, as the course of events is subject to a wide range of influences. Information provided is supplied without any liability. We maintain absolutely no intention of updating previously made statements concerning the future, but we nevertheless reserve the right to change or update all information presented here at any time without further notice.

2. Referrals and links

We do not assume any liability for the content of external sites linked with our site, including links provided in our website. We have no influence on the content of such sites and they do not represent the opinion of Exyte Hargreaves.

Users of such other websites may enter into a contractual relationship with the relevant service provider when they use the services of such service provider. Responsibility for the legal provisions and content relating to the services offered on such other websites of partner companies lies solely with the relevant partner company and website operator.

Exyte Hargreaves is not liable for any actions or omissions of partner companies. Exyte Hargreaves gives no warranty for the availability or effectiveness of the services offered. Exyte Hargreaves also assumes no responsibility or liability that the services offered by the partner companies are in conformity with statutory regulations. Exyte Hargreaves is not responsible for the content of the services of the partner companies.

3. Copyrights and trademarks

Text, images, graphics, sound, animations, charts and videos, as well as the layout thereof, are subject to copyright protection and other protective laws. The reproduction, alteration, transmission or publication of this website in part or in its entirety, except for personal, non-commercial use, is prohibited in all possible forms. The reproduction and use of information and data, which are expressly offered for downloading, is expressly permitted for personal, non-commercial use.

The trademark Exyte Hargreaves as well as the logos for the Exyte Hargreaves and Exyte brand are property of Exyte GmbH. All other marks featured on this website (registered trademarks such as logos and commercial descriptions) are property of Exyte Hargreaves or of third parties. None of the trademarks or logos on this website may be used, permanently downloaded, copied or distributed without previous written permission.

4. Exclusion of liability

The use of this website does not establish a contractual relationship. This website is to be used at one’s own risk. We expressly disclaim all liability for any damage, including consequential damage, that may arise from accessing the Exyte Hargreaves website. This applies in particular to damage involving viruses affecting computers or data processing systems, or damage arising from confidence in the reliability of information found on this website, linked websites or third-party information that can be accessed via this website.

5. Applicable law

All information or data, its use and registration on Exyte Hargreaves websites, as well as all associated action, tolerance or omission are exclusively subject to UK law. Any disputes in relation to this website shall be decided in accordance with UK law.