Delivering Sophisticated HVAC Systems across global sectors

Exyte Hargreaves is an industry leader in providing specialist ventilation systems to a wide range of sectors. With our expertise and experience, we deliver fully engineered HVAC systems, including smoke ventilation and bespoke fabrications, from design to installation and commissioning.

Heathrow Airport


The work we do within these sectors

From in-house manufacturing to efficient DfMA (Design for Manufacturing & Assembly) and an innovative approach to digitisation. Our expertise spans all bespoke HVAC fabrication (including Smoke Ventilation) requiring complex engineering.

Our Expertise

Environment, Health and Safety

Sustainability within our sectors

We understand the importance of operating in a sustainable manner across our different sectors. We’re committed to delivering our projects in line with client requirements for sustainability. Our Environmental & Social Governance (ESG) strategy has been built in line with our Exyte Group partners to maximise global impact.

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Uncover Exclusive News from our magazine “1872”


Uncover Exclusive News from our magazine “1872”

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