Levi Wilson is our April’s HARTS Award Winner!

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Written by Oliver Muscat on May 14th 2024

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April’s HARTS Award winner!

The HARTS Awards (Hargreaves Team Stars) is our monthly employee recognition scheme. We congratulate Levi Wilson, one of our Project Engineer, who is the winner for April 2024. Levi is working hard in support of multiple projects and construction teams living up to our Collaboration value. Below he shares some words on his award win.

Levi Wilson HARTS Awards

Levi Wilson HARTS Awards Interview

How does it feel to have been nominated and won a HARTS Award?

I feel proud and grateful to be considered for the award given that there’s so many ongoing projects at the moment and so many hardworking candidates that I beat.

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Levi is a member of our Commercial sector projects team

You nominations include your hard work in support of multiple projects and construction teams. How important is that sort of collaboration on our projects?

Collaboration is massively important, we are one team and that should reflect across the business not solely on one project. Ultimately, it gives me the opportunity to work with different colleagues at various stages of projects and provides a better insight to the hard work and various roles across the business.

HARTS Award winner

Each HARTS Award winner receives a £50 Amazon gift voucher

What will you spend your Amazon gift voucher on?

Just for men Medium Brown = £7.69

Uppercut Deluxe texturizing spray = £15

La Biosthetique Volume Mousse = £26

Why I nominated Levi

Ryan O’ Neil, one of our Project Managers was one of many who voted for Levi. He shares his reasons on why Levi deserves April’s HARTS award.

Why do you think Levi deserves this HART Award?

Levi truly earned this recognition for consistently going above and beyond, demonstrating dedication across various settings. Most recently, he excelled at the Co Op Live event, where he successfully addressed several challenges.

Levi was nominated for his hard work supporting construction on some of our key projects. What does it mean to have someone like Levi on a project team?

Having someone like Levi on the team is invaluable; he brings a wealth of knowledge and injects energy into our group.

Describe the importance of Levi’s role on a project like HPC

Levi’s role at HPC is crucial not only to me but also to our client. Without Levi, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Charley Farmery nominated Gary for a HARTS Award

Gary always goes above and beyond with everything he does for this project. No task is too much trouble for him and he always approaches everything with a can-do attitude. He's an asset to our team.

Charley Farmery

Security Liaison & Office Administrator

Would you like to work with Levi at Exyte Hargreaves?

Employee recognition is so important at Exyte Hargreaves. Our HARTS Awards are one example of how we reward the good performance of our team. If you’d like to work alongside Levi in our Project team we’re recruiting now for Project Manager. Apply now on our website!

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