An Interview with Shane Crosby

An interview with Shane Crosby

Written by John Prydderch on June 28th 2024

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Shane Crosby joins Exyte Hargreaves as our new Head of Commercial. We sat down with Shane to talk about his past career, including his approach to commercial strategy and why he chose to embark on a career with Exyte Hargreaves.

What attracted you to join Exyte Hargreaves as Head of Commercial?

When I looked at the history of Exyte Hargreaves, basically one thing that brought me toward the company was the 150+ years of productivity within the market. Furthermore, we’ve got a fantastic set of clients and projects. I can only see the business going onwards and upwards in the future.

How have your first few months gone?

My first few months at Exyte Hargreaves have been fantastic. I am getting involved in lots of projects, including with strategic and implementation planning. We’ve got a fantastic commercial team, who are all engaged and wanting the same success for the project delivery and client satisfaction. It’s a great set of people working at Exyte Hargreaves. I can only see a bright future here.

What do you feel you bring to the Head of Commercial role which will benefit the business?

I bring a lot of commercial and contractual experience, which can really raise the level of consistency across the board. Also, I’ve got lots of experience in the nuclear industry, as a result of working with large commercial teams and supporting the commercial delivery of the major projects. My first priority is certainly implementation of commercial strategy and processes, but I’ll also be working with the team to upskill them. Chiefly, I believe it’s important to ensure each individual has a personal environment which allows them to succeed.

Why is a strong Commercial function so important for an HVAC and engineering business like ours?

The commercial department is vital across every business. We’re predominantly looking at making sure everything is being correctly managed, both financially and contractually. Additionally, we’re heavily involved in change management as a manufacturing business.

Have you been welcomed by your colleagues? What do you make of the existing team at Hargreaves?

I’ve had a very warm welcome from the leadership and executive teams and the wider delivery team across the business. I have lots to learn, as well as bringing on new ideas and new strategies. Also, it’s a fantastic environment. We have a unique manufacturing facility in Bury where everything is built in-house. The team is working incredibly hard to fulfil our client’s needs, including on our live projects like HPC.

Interested in a career with Exyte Hargreaves?

Our company is growing rapidly and we’re looking for more talented people to join the team. Take a look at our Careers page and uncover the opportunities at Exyte Hargreaves.

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