Digital Support Service Apprentice Progress

Digital Support Service Apprentice Progress

Written by Oliver Muscat on May 17th 2024

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We spoke to Oliver Hurley, one of our Digital apprentices on how he is progressing so far. Studying a Digital Support Services apprenticeship.

How's your relationship with your training provider?

I’m studying my Digital Support apprenticeship at Trafford College which I’ve had experience there beforehand completing a Digital Infrastructure course. I enjoy travelling to college as my tutor Martin and the team are very supportive and I’m there once a week whilst at Hargreaves 4 times a week. Darryl, my second tutor, teaches AWS (Amazon Web Services) and the theory behind regulations online in the UK. Martin teaches Azure, Intune, computer building etc.

How has it balanced with your day job?

It balances well for me, I’m never overwhelmed by splitting work time and study. One day a week on a Monday I’m at Trafford College then back into Hargreaves for the rest of the week. I’m able to utilise what I’ve learnt from college to Hargreaves.


Is it a different environment learning and at work? Does that help your towards your overall environment?

It’s similar because I have to commute to both for in-person learning. The difference comes in managing the different levels of work. So far at college I’ve built laptops, phones and computers. With college being a learning setting there is more structure to how I’m learning. It helps towards my overall development because it aids my learning quite well as it provides me with a dedicated place to ask questions from different people.

IT Structure

How have you improved your on-the-job skills?

I’ve now learnt the backend of the systems I use everyday which enables me to be more confident in helping users close their tickets. I’ve learnt how to disassemble and reassemble laptops and computers which again will help with me future support to our staff and knowledge on IT structure. I’m also gaining the confidence and communication of helping our users with their tickets and that I can solve the issue.

There is so much learning to do here. Getting stuck in and sharing tasks management with your team and learning from experienced people all around you. It's an amazing way to progress into your future career. Apprenticeships enable you to do much more in your life as a younger person sooner.

Oliver Hurley

Digital Support Technician Apprentice

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