My Reflection on Ramadan

Ramadan 2024

Written by Oliver Muscat on April 8th 2024

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We interviewed our Fabrication and Welding Apprentice, Ahmodul Hasan (Saf). Talking about his journey through Ramadan whilst balancing it with a manual and physical job role at our factory.

What is Ramadan to you?

This month is about self-discipline, charity and giving. Fasting from sunrise to sunset. Between this period of time I think of the less fortunate in the world and I’m thankful that we have a roof over our head. This is the month to stop all your bad habits.

Why is Ramadan important to you?

It is one of the main pillars in Islam and one of our compulsory tasks making it very important for Muslims. During this period we fast from sunrise to sunset without food or water. It’s all about sacrifice and charity. Your Ramadan won’t be accepted if your body is intoxicated. We then need to keep these good habits and remove the bad ones for the rest of the year. We become closer to God in this period.

HR team

How has Exyte Hargreaves made accommodations at work during Ramadan?

Lewis (Hamilton), Jason (Ryder) and Jordan (Birtwistle) who are my supervisors and our HR team have all been very supportive. This has included adapting my arrival and finish time and making allowances for prayer time. My supervisors have also adapted to the way I work in our Manufacturing facility as some of the welding can be tiring during fasting. If I’ve needed anything I’ve just had to ask.

A typical day in Ramadan


On a workday I wake up at 4am and eat light food before the sun rises, which is Sehri when we eat before we fast. Afterwards, I arrive at the Mosque at around 5.00am, I then do my morning prayer after sunrise as this is when we are allowed to pray. Then I try and get a nap in before starting work at 8.00am. At work I’ve been doing more tacking up, shadowing and learning fabrication from Chris Makin. My evening prayer is at 5.00pm after work.


After sunset our family comes together for Iftari (breaking our fast). At 8.30pm is our normal compulsory prayer and at around 10.30pm we have our late night prayer to accept we are breaking our fast. In the night time some people may go to the Mosque or go out together as most Muslims are awake between 12.00am -4.00am.

Eid Mubarak

What happens after Ramadan?

Eid Mubarak is the day after to celebrate. This lasts up to 2 days. All our family get together for a feast and going round together to each of our houses for the celebration. It’s about coming together and accept we have become closer to God. Marking that we have completed one of the 5 pillars of Islam.

charity event

What charity work have you done during Ramadan?

At the start of the month I donated £100. I will be helping with a charity event the day before Eid with my family. On the day I will be bringing in food to Hargreaves for everyone and all money will go to charity. I like to leave smiles on people’s faces and this period is all about giving and positivity. Throughout the year I will be carrying on with more charity events with my family offering food.

Supporting Saf through Ramadan is an important part of his apprenticeship especially as he is part of our manufacturing team. Health and safety is even more paramount, as Saf was fasting through the working day . Before Ramadan started, we met with Saf and his Mentor, to discuss flexible working and agree a plan for his first Ramadan with us.

Jane Gregory

Office Manager / L&D Coordinator

Follow Saf's apprenticeship journey

You can discover more about Saf’s apprentice journey at Exyte Hargreaves by reading his latest apprentice diary.

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