Studying for a Marketing Apprenticeship (Apprentice Diaries)

Studying for a Marketing Apprenticeship (Apprentice Diaries)

Written by Oliver Muscat on February 22nd 2024

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We spoke to Oliver Muscat, our Marketing Apprentice on his overall experience so far studying his Marketing apprenticeship and how he is developing.

How’s your course going so far?

I have already learnt so much within these 5 months than I expected. My apprenticeship course has been developing my skills and learning has been very understanding with my tutor and skills coach being supportive.

JGA Group

How's your relationship with your training provider?

I am currently studying my marketing apprenticeship under my training provider, JGA Group. I have been in contact with series of people at JGA and they all have been polite and helpful and easy to work with. Their site is easy to navigate. Both my tutor (Scott) and skills coach (Anthony Milner) has helped me through my course. Clear that they are open to talk or if I need any help they are there.

Scott presents his lessons very well and efficiently. It’s also great when he gives his own suggestions, own opinions, advice, experience and adding in any extra guidance if it’s necessary. A helpful guide throughout my apprenticeship.

Anthony always is helping with my project report, support at work with new software, career venues that help with my marketing for example, photography (as he is a photographer), editing and visiting events that would be beneficial to me.

Hargreaves' voice/etiquette

What have you learnt that has been beneficial to the work at Hargreaves?

I have learnt so many things from my course that has improved my work and understanding of Hargreaves. In the second month I was set by my tutor to conduct the Belbin Test. Me and my line manager completed this which overviewed our strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, helping us figure the best way to work together.

Hargreaves’ Marketing

Learning about segmentation has helped me understand Hargreaves’ demographic and who we market each of our services to. Adding to that, I have learnt our problem solving issues for our client. Lastly, this course has opened my eyes to Hargreaves’ voice/etiquette, brand positioning and what our brand is overall.

How has it balanced with your day job?

How has it balanced with your day job?

Balancing my apprenticeship with my job was an easy task as I worked a schedule for my day that is my study day (Monday) where I also will be doing my off the job work.

What’s the split between the time you’re spending studying and working?

Every fortnight on Monday I have my tutor group session which is going through the 10 modules of my course. I am currently on the 5th module. Then I spend 6 hours a week on my off the job work towards my 433 hours goal. This ranges from workplace development, online courses, videos, meetings, events, reading etc.

Is it a different environment from learning and at work? Does that help in your overall development?

I work remotely for my studying and at work. From doing this frequently now I have seen an increase in my overall development as it separates work life to my apprenticeship.

To me, gaining the experience on the job whilst learning to the role is the most efficient way of career development. Not only that you gain experience in a work environment and learn communication skills with all different age groups. And at the same time you are being paid.

Oliver Muscat

Marketing Apprentice

Track our Apprenticeship journeys

We are tracking the journey of myself and the other apprentices throughout the weeks so make sure you look out for the upcoming stories on their course. For further information about careers and apprenticeships at Exyte Hargreaves, please visit our Careers section.

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