Bids & Proposal Apprenticeship Experience (Apprentice Diaries)

Studying for a Bids & Proposal Apprenticeship (Apprentice Diaries)

Written by Oliver Muscat on February 28th 2024

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We spoke to Beth Richards on her overall experience so far studying her Bids & Proposal Apprenticeship and how she is developing.

How’s your course going so far?

My apprenticeship is going well so far and I am really enjoying progressing through my course. More people have joined my cohort recently so it has been nice listening to other people’s experiences from different sectors.

JGA Group

How's your relationship with your training provider?

My training provider is JGA Group and throughout my course, they have been supportive and helpful. My seminars are detailed and easy to follow.

Angela, my tutor, is extremely knowledgeable and willingly answers any queries or concerns I may have. The resources that JGA provide are in-depth and easy to understand making my learning more efficient.

My skills coach Bee is also very helpful, at the moment we are working through my projects and creating a plan on how to tackle the workload. This is very useful as, at first, my project seemed very overwhelming but once we broke it down, I now know how to manage and organise my time effectively.

bid creation

What have you learnt that has been beneficial to the work at Hargreaves?

Some of the things I have learnt so far is improving bid creation. Including my knowledge of the APMP (Association of Proposal Management Professionals) bid lifecycle. Effective bid writing can contribute to creating stronger proposals that win more projects for the company.

Streamlined bids library:

I now know how to establish a well-organised and up-to-date bid library that can save time and effort for everyone involved in the proposal process. This can lead to faster turnaround times and potentially more bids submitted.

Efficient CV management:

Having a centralised and standardised system for storing and updating CVs can simplify the process of finding the right people for project teams.

Reflective learning culture:

Learning from past experiences through reflective practice can be helpful for the entire organisation. Encouraging constant learning and improvement can lead to better performance across all areas and a more proactive culture.

What’s the split between the time you’re spending studying and working?

My study day is on a Thursday, which is usually when I have my seminars. Thursday is also the day for my project work, working on my assignments and completing my off the job hours. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday is the days I work at Exyte Hargreaves and everything I am learning and working on is in conjunction with each other.

maintaining a balance is definitely not a difficult task!

How has it balanced with your day job?

Since I apply a lot of what I’m studying at JGA Group to my job, maintaining a balance is definitely not a difficult task! The bid lifecycle is something we can and do use daily to increase the likelihood of us winning work. For example negotiations, capture planning, bid writing etc. The APMP Bid lifecycle is a step-by-step guide to creating effective bids and this forms the basis of my course. Therefore, there is a lot of emphasis on using this within my job role.

Is it a different environment from learning and at work? Does that help in your overall development?

My workplace is considerably different to my studying environment. At Hargreaves, the Business Development team is busy and fast-paced as we all work towards the same goal e.g meeting deadlines. Whereas, when I focus on my study and project, I work independently and organise my time to suit my own schedule and deadlines.

You gain hands-on experience, you learn from other members of staff that have years of knowledge to learn from. Apprenticeships creates a younger generation who are the future talent of the company. We develop as the business develops. Allowing you to mature and get into a routine of coming to work and the responsibilities of a job.

Bethany Richards

Bids & Proposals Apprentice

Track our Apprenticeship journeys

We are tracking the journey of Beth and the other apprentices throughout the weeks so make sure you look out for the upcoming stories on their course. For further information about careers and apprenticeships at Exyte Hargreaves, please visit our Careers section.

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