ISO 14001 Audit Success

Our Environmental Management System is certified

ISO 14001 Audit Success

Written by John Prydderch on March 7th 2023

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I’m pleased to tell you that Exyte Hargreaves has completed a successful audit to maintain our certification for ISO 14001. This means our Environmental Management System continues to satisfy the requirements of our auditor and the international standards for sustainability.


What is ISO 14001?

ISO Standards are internationally agreed upon. They state the best recognised way of following a particular process or meeting a particular set of standards. ISO 14001 governs environmental management. Through the implementation of a management system, ISO 14001 offers practical tools to help businesses like Exyte Hargreaves manage our environmental responsibilities.

Exyte Hargreaves audit results

Exyte Hargreaves audit results

Digital Transformation

One of our priorities as a business is digital transformation. The auditor recognised that our 150-year old factory is remarkably ahead of the sector in terms of digitisation and technology integration. There was praise for our factory and the work that we are doing to integrate new technology by the IT team. We also gained praise for how well health & safety is being managed, the layout of the factory and our low environmental risk.

Overall, we completed the audit with no non-conformities against the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard.

Environmental management in 2023 and beyond

There is always an element of continuous improvement when it comes to ISO certification. Our key area of focus following the audit is on sustainability, managing / reducing our carbon footprint and making a positive contribution towards achieving net zero.

There’s much work ahead, but this was a good day for the business. Our staff should be proud of their hard work and commitment to environmental management!

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