HVAC Projects: a fast start to 2023

Catching up with some of our Energy & DECOM projects

Written by John Prydderch on January 13th 2023

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2023 is a big year for Exyte Hargreaves. We’re excited to be involved with some of the UK’s largest and most prestigious infrastructure projects. Across the Energy & Decommissioning, Transport and Defence sectors. We caught up with two of our Project Leads – Ryan O’Neil and James Bamber – to find out more about our HVAC projects at Hinkley Point C, Devonport and Magnox. They’ve given us a summary of what the teams have been working on in the first weeks of January. Also what’s to come in the rest of 2023.

Hinkley Point C

Hinkley Point C

We are continuing to pioneer a ‘digital-first’ approach on site through close collaboration between our project and BIM teams. Alongside the remarkable progress made by our colleagues on site, the team is close to completing manufacture of a lifting beam. Delivered in quick turnaround for our client alongside our supply chain partner Collis. This represented a continuation of scope extensions made possible by the strong relationships maintained with our client. The team has also commenced mobilisation to the HM building at Hinkley Point. This houses the largest steam turbine in the world. It’s going to be a momentous year at HPC.

Devonport Royal Docks

Devonport Royal Docks

Exyte Hargreaves operatives will be continuing into 2023 following site mobilisation in November 2022 on Devonport Royal Docks. Including the installation, testing and insulation of stainless-steel high integrity ductwork, modules and components. The in-house designed and manufactured stainless steel ductwork comprises of modules. Then they were manufactured, assembled, tested and insulated within the Bury off-site assembly facility. We have demonstrated to the client that mobilisation of parts of the project would be more efficient and minimalise risks given the complexity of the existing structure.

National Submarine Dismantling Project

On completion of the project which is scheduled for completion towards the middle of 2023, the ventilation system will support the National Submarine Dismantling Project (SDP) which was approved in 2013 with the objective of delivering a dismantling and disposal solution for 27 decommissioned nuclear submarines up to and including the Vanguard Class.


SGHWR Magnox Winfrith

2023 will see Exyte Hargreaves complete the installation of the in-house manufactured, fully welded mild steel circular galvanised ventilation system that has been designed by Exyte Hargreaves to replace an existing aging system. The original system was originally installed by Hargreaves in the 1960s, the plant was commissioned and operable from 1968 to 1990 generating power via a steam reactor. The new system will bypass the existing filters maintaining the plant decommissioning program until inactive commissioning has been undertaken by Exyte Hargreaves and the new HEPA filter bank and two centrifugal fans brought online.

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