Great British Nuclear acquires new nuclear sites

Great British Nuclear acquires nuclear sites

Written by John Prydderch on March 12th 2024

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Last week, the news reported that Great British Nuclear is set to acquire two sites from Hitachi for new nuclear development. There is a long history with the UK’s nuclear sites at both the Gloucestershire and Anglesey sites. It is very positive news for the British nuclear sector.


The Nuclear Revival

In our article, Navigating the Civil Nuclear Roadmap, we advocated that momentum is the key to Great British Nuclear’s success and that of the wider nuclear sector. The assumption made in our article assumed that larger investment and strategic decisions would happen after the next General Election. The latest announcement is welcome for the sector and proves that this assumption is not true.

Former nuclear sites coming back online

The original nuclear site at Wylfa decommissioned in 2015 and activity ceased at Oldbury in 2012. The Government is to purchase both sites for £160m from Hitachi.

Small Modular Reactors

SMR providers reach tender stage

The Civil Nuclear Roadmap included an important announcement about the prioritisation of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs). EDF Energy, GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy International LLC, Holtec Britain Limited, NuScale Power, Rolls-Royce SMR and Westinghouse Electric Company UK Limited can now access potentially multi-billion pound development contracts for this technology. Successful bidders will be notified in late 2024 with two SMR projects expected to be green lit by 2029.

Hinkley Point C

Our Nuclear Roadmap

A large proportion of the Exyte Hargreaves team is currently on site at Hinkley Point C, supported by ongoing production of specialist HVAC systems in our manufacturing facility. With Sizewell C already firmly on the horizon, these announcements from Great British Nuclear serve to further build momentum in our nuclear pipeline. The future is extremely bright for Hargreaves and the rest of the nuclear sector.

“At Exyte Hargreaves we welcome the news from Great British Nuclear that they are acquiring more land for new nuclear development. As a business we have supported the UK in delivering clean, sustainable nuclear energy for more than seven decades. We stand ready as the industry’s foremost specialist HVAC partner in construction engineering projects through HPC, Sizewell C and into the future.”

James Bevis

Managing Director

Discover our track record in Energy & Decommissioning

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