Apprentice Diaries – Taylor Keenan-Garrod

Apprentice Diaries - Taylor Keenan-Garrod

Written by Oliver Muscat on February 6th 2024

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Hi my name is Taylor and I have joined Exyte Hargreaves as a Fabrication & Welding Apprentice! From when I first started, everyone has been welcoming and I’ve been getting to know the factory team well. It’s fun to do something in a different field than what I am used to, as I was previously working in hospitality. I also enjoy working with all different age groups and learning from experienced people.

welding code


At the moment I am tinning (which is coating sheets of iron or steel with tin). I enjoy seeing how our products begins and the whole process to the finish of welding. I’ve just recently completed my welding code, which is a great milestone to hit. I am also helping with a large commercial project and now I’m working on marking and cutting for our Hinkley Point C project site.

different joints, a tray and a metal shelf

The Apprenticeship Journey!

My apprenticeship course has been going well so far. Since starting as an Apprentice with Rochdale Training I have made different joints, a tray and a metal shelf. I chose to do this course because after completing my 3 year psychology course in university I found out that I prefer more tangible and the real world around me, and I became much more interested after looking into Exyte Hargreaves.

I love keeping my fitness up and I go to the gym as often as possible. Right now I'm doing thai boxing, and I have a past of martials arts. When I was younger I did Jiu Jitsu and kick boxing. Some of my accolades is winning a kick boxing competition and a team competition.

Taylor Keenan-Garrod

Fabrication & Welding Apprentice

Join the Exyte Hargreaves Team

Taylor and our other apprentices are extremely talented. We’re looking for more talented people to join the team and are recruiting rapidly across all areas of the business. Would you like to join an expansive, progressive and successful business? View our latest vacancies on our Careers mini-site.

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