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Written by John Prydderch on October 11th 2023

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In this first of a series of articles, we introduce you to our new Exyte Hargreaves website. First up is our Projects section. Our Project Hub pages are the best way to familiarise yourself with the activities of our 150-year old HVAC and specialist ventilation construction engineering business.

Chernobyl to HS2

Chernobyl to HS2

In the Project Hub you’ll find reference to some of our most prestigious projects that have been undertaken during Exyte Hargreaves’ history. This includes the New Safe Containment Arch in the remains of the Chernobyl nuclear facility. Perhaps our largest, most impressive and most socially critical project in the company’s history. Our nuclear safety history is iconic and spans all the way from Sellafield, to Sizewell and Hinkley Point C. Discover the challenges we faced and the solutions we found with supporting photography and video.

Dynamic Project Updates

Dynamic Project Updates

We’re in constant communication with our Design, Engineering, Digital Innovation, Manufacturing and Site teams. We are looking to bring real time updates to our Project Hub pages on active projects. We’ll create a story of our projects from cradle to grave to offer a true insight of the approach Exyte Hargreaves takes to quality, safety and delivery.

Exyte Hargreaves is a project delivery business and it was important to reflect that when designing our project hub pages for the new website. No other construction engineering contractor can deliver specialist HVAC systems from concept to commissioning. Each project web page tells its own story and demonstrates how we've applied our experience and expertise for well over a century.

John Prydderch

Head of Marketing & Communications

Visit our Projects index

Explore some of our fantastic projects in the Energy & Decommissioning, Defence and Transport sectors. Visit Projects on the new Exyte Hargreaves website and learn more.

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