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Written by John Prydderch on October 11th 2023

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Next up in our digital walkthrough of the new Exyte Hargreaves website is the Expertise section. In this section you can discover the different aspects to the Hargreaves project delivery model and how our specialist HVAC systems come to life from Concept to Commissioning.



Our HVAC service is deployed across the Energy & Decommissioning, Defence and Transport sectors. Our specialist products include HVAC Systems, Skids & Assemblies and Bespoke Fabrications. Delivered with Safety, Sustainability and Quality at its heart, Exyte Hargreaves has been one of the most prominent UK names in HVAC for more than a century.


Smoke Ventilation

The Building Regulations have evolved post-Grenfell and it is critical to have a compliant smoke control system in high rise residential and commercial properties. Discover how we’re working at the forefront of fire safety in the construction sector with Smoke Ventilation.



Our purpose-built Manufacturing facility is based in the heart of Bury. It combines decades of experience in terms of fabrication, welding and traditional skills – with investment in the latest technology. Find out how we’ve been shaping the HVAC industry for more than 100 years.



Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) or off-site manufacturing represents a multitude of benefits when compared with traditional site installations. We offer our clients greater efficiencies throughout the manufacturing and production processes by carrying out major production jobs from our Head Office site in Bury.



We take a partnership approach to successful HVAC Engineering. Seeking to deliver value throughout a project, our Engineering team is the bridge between our site, client and manufacturing teams. Safety and Quality is paramount (as evidenced by our commitment to an Incident Free Workplace and Nuclear Safety Culture).


Digital Innovation

Digitisation is crucial to the ongoing evolution of the construction industry and is part of the Exyte Hargreaves DNA. Our Digital Innovation team is highly experienced in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and IT systems development to deliver the twin benefits of security and data interoperability.

Visit our Expertise index

Want to understand the process of a piece of ductwork. Visit our Expertise section and discover how we can add value for a client throughout the project process.

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