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Written by Oliver Muscat on October 12th 2023

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The following stop in our virtual tour of the new Exyte Hargreaves website is the Careers section. In this section you can discover the different aspects such as Vacancies, Benefits, Health & Wellbeing, Training & Development and ED&I


We are actively recruiting for a number of roles for some of the UK’s biggest infrastructure projects across our talented teams. You can find this in our Open Vacancies section to start your career at Exyte Hargreaves.



At Exyte Hargreaves, our people are important to us. We are aware that each person’s career goals and reasons for reportin to work are different. We have a tailor fit benefits package to feel comfortable to work for you. You can find our range on our Benefits page.

Equality, Diversion & Inclusion

We care about promoting equality and diversion within Exyte Hargreaves. Whatever your background we ensure that at Exyte Hargreaves we empower our people to embrace change.

High performance is attainted through team work and balancing each of our individual capabilities. You can find more information on this on our ED&I page.

Health & Safety ESH

Health & Wellbeing

We believe that in creating a workplace that everyone can enjoy it is important to build a safe environment by safeguarding the Health and Wellbeing of our employees.

At Exyte Hargreaves we have experienced Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA’s) for colleagues that need support and our Wellbeing Ambassadors who are always here to listen and support colleagues in those tough moments.

Training & Development

At Exyte Hargreaves we thrive on talented employees which therefore creates the successful business we are today. This includes Apprenticeships, Graduate Development Programme and Career Development & Training. There is always a chance to learn, to excel and improve the quality of your knowledge at Exyte Hargreaves.

Visit our Careers index

Are you ready to help in the delivery of the UK’s leading provider of specialist ventilation systems? Visit our Careers section to discover who we are, our values and our recruitment process.

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