ISO 19650 Audit Success

Exyte Hargreaves' BIM standards meet industry requirements

ISO 19650 Audit Success

Written by John Prydderch on April 4th 2023

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At the end of March, our BIM (Building Information Modelling) team completed their ISO 19650 Audit with the British Standards Institute (BSI). This was a 2-day Audit reviewing Exyte Hargreaves’ ability to deliver complex construction projects to the BIM Standards. After a detailed review of our BIM Documentation and processes along with an audit on 2 of our on-going projects, we are delighted to say we confidently passed and received no Non-Conformance Reports (NCRs).

quality management system

Passing our ISO 19650 Audit

To pass a BIM ISO 19650 audit means that a company has shown that it can manage information in a way that meets the ISO 19650 standard’s requirements. This is important because it ensures that Exyte Hargreaves is working to a high level of quality. Showing we are committed to continuously improving the way we work.

Passing a BIM ISO 19650 audit can demonstrate that a company has a quality management system in place that is aligned with the BIM standards. This means our clients can have confidence that Exyte Hargreaves is committed to providing a high-quality service. We demonstrated it across multiple projects and therefore stands us in good stead to deliver future BIM projects.

"Exyte Hargreaves has taken an industry-leading approach to the introduction. Piloting and testing of digital technology within our business and on projects. That the team has completed this audit so comprehensively, is demonstrative to our clients and the wider industry that Exyte Hargreaves is meeting our targets for digital transformation. The team deserves a great deal of credit for their performance during this BIM audit. We will continue delivering our digital strategy through the rest of 2023 and beyond."

Robert Davies

Digital Innovation Manager

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