Read our new Energy & Decommissioning Sector Overview

Read and Download our Energy & Decommissioning sector overview

Written by John Prydderch on December 19th 2023

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We’re pleased to release a new Exyte Hargreaves mini capability document covering the Energy & Decommissioning sector. You can read or download a digital copy of our Energy & Decommissioning sector overview on our Resources & Downloads page. Or if you’d prefer, request a hard copy by emailing our Marketing team.

Energy & Decommissioning capability

What's included in our Energy & Decommissioning sector overview?

The Energy & Decommissioning sector overview is a brief highlight to Exyte Hargreaves’ more than 70-year track record in the nuclear sector. From our experiences in Chernobyl to being part of every single major nuclear facility in the UK, Hargreaves is synonymous with energy & decommissioning projects. Have a read through the document and then please contact us for more information.

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We’ll be adding more literature downloads to our website soon. You can find our new Company Brochure, and issues of our digital magazine – 1872 – on our Resources page.

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