Digital Transformation at Hargreaves

How we've integrated digital tools to improve our processes

Written by John Prydderch on September 28th 2022

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Over the past two years, Exyte Hargreaves has transformed our digital capabilities, adopting innovative technology and software with the aim to continuously improve efficiency, accuracy and quality.

Improved Collaboration

We have progressed from AutoCAD to Revit MEP. This has enabled collaboration between many users at once. Experts from across the business such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical and architectural can work collaboratively to create BIM models in the most efficient manner.


We work from our own unique set of fabrication parts, designed to Exyte Hargreaves’ project specific specifications. This allows for a simple conversion from 3D model to physical manufacture.

We have also adopted Navisworks Manage into our day-to-day activities. This allows us to federate multiple models from various services. By running intelligent clash detection software, we can discover potential coordination issues much earlier in the project, saving time and money.

From Design to Manufacture

GTP Stratus is our model processing software, creating an effortless workflow from design into manufacture. Each item is populated with fabrication information, enabling us to accurately order materials in advance to increase efficiency within manufacture. Stratus also hosts a project dashboard which enables full departmental transparency on progress and delivery dates. Throughout the project life cycle, Stratus also tracks the progress of each item from design through to installation and commissioning, and provides a visual report.

Common Data Environment

Dalux is our new common data environment. The primary function of Dalux is to store and control project documentation and models. However, it can do much, much more. Dalux’s twin BIM technology enables us to blend the digital and physical world. Using a smartphone or tablet twin, BIM simply merges a BIM model into our engineer’s real time physical environment.

Dalux also allows QR codes to be linked to specific 3D objects or rooms within a BIM model. This means that site installation teams and future building occupants will have easily accessible, reliable, up to date and accurate information to make the most informed decisions. At Exyte Hargreaves, we’re bringing this Golden Thread of digital information to life for the benefit of clients and end users.

Contact Exyte Hargreaves for project support

In today’s construction environment, it is clear how much digital innovation can improve project delivery. At Exyte Hargreaves, we strive to develop digitally every single day to provide the best service that we possibly can.

Contact us for support on your next HVAC project.

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