Apprentice Diaries – Niall Birkitt

Written by Oliver Muscat on January 26th 2024

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Apprentice Diaries

Hello, my name is Niall Birkitt! I am a member of the Exyte Hargreaves team as a Fabrication & Welding Apprentice. In the first months arriving and working here I was surprised by how everything is ran and how well organised the company is. Settling in was an easy task. People are very polite and I haven’t felt uncomfortable asking questions, especially as I haven’t been in this industry I am picking up things well in the 3 months of being here.

laser cutter

Industry 4.0

My first job was using the laser cutter and the folding machine which is great to be put straight into it as it is a technical start. Working in the factory never gets boring because I am learning how all of the machines work and their use. In this stage I am finding out what I am good at and what I will need more help with as I am learning about the processes and getting into it very fast. I am looking forward to the welding!

welding skills

Fabrication & Welding Apprentice

Firstly, I completed a graphic design course in college and chose the subject as a GCSE then did a week of work experience to find out it wasn’t my passion. I wanted to do something that is more hands on work that I would enjoy every day. This opportunity was perfect to learn the knowledge and gain the experience on the job. My coursework is building up the fundamental and core skills and learning the technical terms in this industry. At college so far I have welded together a small shelf.

"Outside of working at Hargreaves I keep up with fitness, gym and strength and conditioning. I am invested into all types of sci-fi, thriller, fantasy games and books like Warhammer 40k. I also love all music, ranging from classical to heavy metal. Most of my time is spent with my family and looking after my 6 year old brother so I try to teach him everything I know."

Niall Birkitt

Fabrication & Welding Apprentice

Join the Exyte Hargreaves Team

Niall and our other apprentices are extremely talented. We’re looking for more talented people to join the team and are recruiting rapidly across all areas of the business. Would you like to join an expansive, progressive and successful business? View our latest vacancies on our Careers mini-site.

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