A successful factory Pressure Test

Factory Pressure Test

Written by John Prydderch on March 20th 2024

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Last week our Manufacturing team completed a successful pressure test for one of our key Energy & Decommissioning sector clients. It is a core part of our manufacturing and quality control procedures through our commitment to ‘Right First Time’ product delivery in our factory.

Pressure Test Airline

The importance of ITP's for Pressure Tests

Pressure testing is an important part of Inspection & Test Plans (ITP’s) for many of our clients. At Exyte Hargreaves, we test a certain percentage of our ductwork to ensure they hold the required amount of pressure or to determine potential leakage. Since our specialist HVAC systems must perform their function in a variety of safety critical facilities, the performance of our products in these tests is paramount.

Compute Pascals

Pressure testing normally happens by using bespoke kit. However, the leading products on the market can only calculate pressure up to a maximum of 2,000 pascals. Conversely, Exyte Hargreaves products are required to perform at up to 6,000 pascals for our high integrity ductwork.

Testing in a factory environment

When conducting pressure testing in our Manufacturing facility an area of the factory is sectioned off to maintain the correct ambient temperature. Our clients attend the test in our factory to witness the results. Depending on the internal environment, a test typically takes up to 30 minutes to complete.

Pressure Test Ductwork

What types of Pressure Test can be performed?

We perform two main types of test at Exyte Hargreaves – Pressure Tests and Leak Tests:

  • Pressure Test – This tests for positive pressure to determine how much pressure the ductwork can hold
  • Leak Test – This tests for negative pressure to determine any drop in pressure from the ductwork

A Successful Pressure Test!

The Manufacturing, Project and Quality Teams were delighted to have our clients on site to witness this successful pressure test. Product quality and assurance is a vital part of Exyte Hargreaves' process in delivering specialist HVAC systems from concept to commissioning. We are committed to delivering a 'Right First Time' approach on all our HVAC projects.

Jordan Birtwistle

Production Manager

Need a specialist HVAC partner for your next project?

Talk to our Business Development team about supporting your next project in the Energy, Defence, Transport sectors or for other high tech facilities. Visit our Manufacturing page to understand our approach in the factory including DFMA and automation.

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