The best kept secret in the UK Defence Sector

Exyte Hargreaves has proven experience working in safety critical environments. Trust us to elevate your HVAC systems from concept to commissioning.

A decade of supporting the defence sector

We're a highly experienced QC1 HVAC Contractor Specialising in projects in security cleared locations. We deliver the best possible outcomes in Cost, Quality, Programme and Safety for all stakeholders.

Steve Thomas, Head of Operations

Exyte Hargreaves Literature

Take a look at our our Company Brochure & Defence Sector Capability Statement!

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Company Brochure

Capability Statement

Our HVAC Capability

150 years of specialist HVAC excellence from concept to commissioning

Uncover Exclusive News from our magazine “1872”


Uncover Exclusive News from our magazine “1872”

1872 is our online blog and digital magazine. We’ll bring you news and events from around the business, as well as thoughts and opinions on the topics resonating within our industry.