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Written by Oliver Muscat on December 20th 2023

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Apprentice Diaries

Hello my name is Saf (Ahmodul Hasan)! My first few months at Hargreaves has been progressing very well and I am enjoying the varies of work that I am doing. Everyone is friendly and welcoming into the new workplace. I am very fortunate for this opportunity. In the last 3-4 years I have been working in construction and through a welding boot camp I found this apprenticeship at Exyte Hargreaves. I did my research into this company and I was impressed by their values, their long existence in the construction industry showing how they are a reputable company and their accomplishments they have completed. I was looking forward to the Open Event and the Induction where I was greeted and treated well.


Fabrication & Welding Apprentice

In the first week I was on the laser cutter machine and the folding machine which was a good learning stage however now I have been doing spot welding. For the past couple month I have worked on welding, grinding and using the piranha machine (which cuts black cast iron). I enjoyed using the frost machine with Chris Howe (Manufacturing Operative). My favourite part of the Fabrication & Welding role is looking back at what I have worked on and being proud of it because it was made by hand, like I just did that.



For my apprenticeship I have been attending Rochdale Training where I started with fabrication and had a tour of the training centre and was given practice pieces. Some of the pieces I have done include, 2D stairs, hinge joints, write ups and I have enjoyed the course so far because it’s been consistent work and I feel much more productive when I am busy. This is a 4 year course and I will be attending college for one week out of the month.

"Outside of Hargreaves occasionally I play football, I enjoy travelling and discovering new places with new food cultures. One of my main responsibilities however is I do charity work with my Mum and sister, we partner with different charities and help raise money and awareness with them by selling Asian food and sweet cones which has been ongoing for nearly 2 years now. With this as my main focus being the fundraiser and our last one was a success as we raised £3000 for a well in Bangladesh for my Nan who passed which is in her name. "

Ahmodul Hasan

Fabrication & Welding Apprentice

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